ARC Review – A Curse Of Thorns🥀

A Curse of Thorns 🥀

by Nicole Mainardi

5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



In order to repay her father’s debt to the Regime and save her sisters from a terrible fate, Belle Fairfax—an eighteen-year-old girl with a love for forbidden books and the thrill of the hunt—must risk everything to find the reclusive Beast and steal the ring that cursed him.

But the Beast is not what she expects.

A young king cursed by a witch and forgotten by his village, all Bastian wants is to win the heart of the forest girl with the silver scars. But he’s a hideous Beast that abandoned his people for the sake of vanity, and he knows it won’t be easy to earn her affection.

But there’s more to the girl than he thought.

Belle only has one purpose once she makes it to the Beast’s castle: find the ring, take it, and leave the Beast to rot. But as she comes to know about the Beast, she realizes that she has more to fight for than just her family. Bastian knows he’s left his people in the hands of the corrupt Regime, and the guilt of their suffering gnaws at him. The more time he spends with Belle, though, the less he hates what he’s become.

With Briar on the brink of falling completely under the control of the Regime, Belle and Bastian find that, together, they may be the key to freeing their home from the reaching grasp of the tyrannical Emperor.


I loved Belles layered Characteristics, and the Beasts as well. I like that the author kept a lot of the original storyline but wrote it in an amazing way making it completely original and her own!!

The scenes were amazing romance, adventure and intrigue whisked you away into a magical world that shows… The beauty inside often counts more than the beauty outside…. An absolutely amazing, and original lush retelling!! I’m back in the ballroom with Belle and Beast!! My favorite scene was recaptured amazingly also, which is of course the library scene with Beast! 💖 love love loved this story, you must buy!!!


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